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49 Odeon Ave, Clyde North, Victoria, 3978, Australia, VICTORIA (VIC) 3978

There is a saying – “Home Sweet Home”. But it doesn’t remain ‘sweet’ if it is affected by pest or termites. Here at Casey Building Consultants, our building and pest inspection Melbourne services provide a professional pest inspection & termite inspection service in Melbourne and to its suburbs so that you can remain hassle free.

If a proper pest inspection is not done during pre-purchase building inspection, your property is likely to become an ideal place for pest & termites. Generally, these need moisture and nourishments which your home provides ceaselessly. Thus, our pest inspectors offer quality pest and termite inspection services in Melbourne to protect your property. We use latest equipment and gadgets so that not a single inch of your house is left uninspected. Simultaneously, we also make sure that none of your other properties is damaged while we inspect.

All the pest & termite inspections are conducted by veteran pest & termite inspection specialists who are fully licensed to perform inspections of building structures in order to figure out any damage or possibilities of damage from pests, insects, termites or other bugs.

According to many expert surveys, many people in Melbourne are still quite ignorant about having a pest inspection before or after purchasing their house or properties. These will not only lead their properties to be more pest & termite prone but also can cost a huge money in near future.

Therefore, it is better to get a professional inspector from Casey Building Consultants and have a veteran inspection service done at your house and lead a completely worry-free life. Moreover, we offer our service at such a price which is fully affordable to all.


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