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57 Salween Cres, Roxburgh Park, VICTORIA (VIC) 3064

NDIS – One of the best Disability Assistance Programs in Victoria

As a registered NDIS provider in Victoria, we render disability support across Melbourne and other regions of the state. All our team members including support workers and administrative staff consider it as their moral responsibility to serve the society in whatever way they can. Therefore, we work hard to fulfill the objective with which NDIS was launched in Melbourne and overall Australia.
As NDIS service providers in Victoria, we ensure to equip our team with the required training and skills so that they can carry out their task of providing disability support in Victoria with the utmost professionalism. But, just because we are thorough professionals, it doesn’t mean that we are devoid of sentiments. Every NDIS support worker in Victoria realizes the importance of personal touch necessary for this activity, and hence they make their patients feel completely comfortable.
We operate with the motto of assisting National Disability Insurance Agency in Victoria by performing our duties well, which has cultivated a reputation for us as the trusted “NDIS registered providers across Victoria” “disability support Melbourne” “disability support Victoria”. Our support workers leave no stone unturned in making their patients’ life easy by continually listening to their concerns and finding solutions for the same.
If you want to apply for NDIS in Melbourne, but have some doubts, just give us a call at 03 8384 7882 or write to us at miraclehandsas@gmail.com and we would be more than happy to guide you.

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Phone: 0418865887

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