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120-200 Rosamond Rd, VICTORIA (VIC) 3032

Aesthetik is a specialized dental clinic located in the Highpoint shopping centre. We offer the convenience of improving and maintaining your complete facial aesthetics. We strive to incorporate dental health into your beauty regime, to provide you with clean, whiter teeth whatever your lifestyle choices may be.  At Aesthetik, we have a peaceful environment that will make you feel comfortable and make sure you’re relaxed while you receive assistance and dental care services. We deliver the highest quality treatment, providing you with a white healthy smile all year round. We specialize in Dento-facial aesthetics which aims at giving you optimum confidence by looking beyond the mouth to facial features and aesthetics that frame your entire smile. We work 7 days a week, so you can choose a suitable day for you to book your visit and enjoy our specialized Melbourne dental services.

Contact Information
Phone: 03 7016 8332

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